Salvaging Your RV or Motor Home Options and Rules at Stup’s Auto

Stup’s Auto will receive your trailerable RV and/or motor home (any RV that drives and doesn’t need to be trailered or pulled). When Stup’s processes an RV, there is a considerable amount of work needed in order to process an RV so that it can be accepted at a steel mill. This involves Stup’s needing to bring a dumpster for each RV it processes to get it ready.

It takes anywhere from 12 to 16 hours of our time plus equipment to break down and throw away the items that cannot be processed at a steel mill. Below are a list of rules that must be followed before Stup’s will consider receiving your RV (If these rules are not followed, it will add costs to the total for receiving your RV):

  1. Anything that is not bolted down to the RV outside and inside must be removed.
  2. All trash and food items in the RV must be removed.
  3. All holding tanks (Yes, including the grey tank) must be emptied completely. Fuel in the fuel tank is fine and propane tanks are fine.
  4. Clear title for the RV.
  5. If possible, inflated tires.
  6. RV must be deliverable to Stup’s Auto Center. If Stup’s has to tow the vehicle, there will be an additional cost for towing (the cost is dependent on the situation and time needed to tow).

If you have a motor home (any RV that drives and doesn’t need to be trailered or pulled), Stup’s will make an offer on the vehicle at the time it is brought to Stup’s or towed to Stup’s.

If you have a trailered RV, Stup’s charges $1,500 to receive the RV as long as the above list of rules has been followed. That cost will increase based on the level of effort to complete any of the rules that were not completed.

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