Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair in Frederick, MD

Towing Frederick, MDNo matter how carefully you drive, your car will accumulate scratches and dings. You may even get into an accident, leaving the front bumper on the side of the road or crushing the passenger-side door.

Whatever the cause of the damage, getting it fixed promptly, completely, and professionally is the best way to prevent any further damage from happening.

Even small scratches and dents hold moisture, which, over time, causes rust. This rust eats away at your car, leaving unsightly – even dangerous – holes.

The skilled body shop team at Stup’s Auto Center in Frederick, Maryland, can get your car back to its gorgeous shine without emptying your wallet.

No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We work with you and your insurance company so you get your repairs done for as little cost to you as possible.

Each body shop appointment begins with a thorough inspection. If we find damage beyond what you tell us about, we let you know without pressuring you to paying for work you don’t need.

Restore your vehicle to its former glory! Schedule your body shop appointment today!

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