Ask Stup's

What services do you offer for my vehicle?

Answer: Stups Auto Center is truly a full service vehicle center. We offer Towing, if your vehicle is broken down or been in an accident. Once towed back to our yard, Stups offers full vehicle service to all makes and models of vehicles. Stups also offers a full service body shop. Along with service work a customer can not only buy a quality used auto part but Stups can help install the part as well. Truly a one stop shopping experience for you vehicle.

If you don't have the part that I need, can you find it for me?

Answer: Stup's sales executives are able to locate a part nationally, if we don’t have it in our salvage yard.

Do you sell batteries and used tires?

Answer: Yes we sell certified used batteries, and used tires.

Do I need a title to sell you my car?

Answer: Yes, you will need a clear title. if you have a title that shows a lien holder you will need a lien release or an original notarized letter from the lien holder.

How much do you pay for junk cars?

Answer: Stup's Auto Center pays fair market value for all vehicles. If it’s a “junk” car, this will depend on the commodity of steel and where the market is at the time you want to sell your vehicle.

Can I pick my own parts?

Answer: Stup's Auto Center is not a “pull your own” Salvage yard. Stup's offers a parts counter with sales executives to help refine your parts search. Once the part is located Stup's has professional “Parts Pullers” that will retrieve the part from our yard. The customer can also call in the required part and Stup's will have it waiting for you at the parts counter. If we are unable to locate the part in our yard, we will perform a national search and have the part shipped to our location for pickup or delivery.

What is Stup's Auto Center's address?

Answer: 8052 Ball Rd Frederick, Md 21704

Does Stup's offer a warranty on auto parts and if so, what is the warranty period?

Answer: All parts come with a 90 day replacement warranty unless specified differently on the receipt.

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