Authorized Maryland State Auto Inspections in Frederick, MD

Before you can register a vehicle in Maryland, it must be thoroughly inspected by an authorized Maryland State Inspection Facility to deem it safe for the road.

At Stup’s Auto, we’re an authorized inspection facility, but our services don’t stop there. Our on-site auto repair shop can quickly make any repairs your vehicle may need to help it pass inspection. This gets you back on the road faster, saving you headaches and hassles!

When to Inspect Your Vehicle

You are only required to have your vehicle inspected in two situations:

  • You just moved to Maryland and your vehicle is registered in another state
  • You purchased or received as a gift or inheritance a used vehicle

If you’ve just moved to Maryland, you have 60 days to register your vehicle. Your car needs to pass an inspection prior to registration. If you just purchased a used car, you have 90 days to pass the inspection and register it.

Some ride-sharing services require an additional inspection to begin driving, even if you previously had an inspection or your vehicle is registered in Maryland.

What the Maryland Vehicle Inspection Includes

The main goal of a state auto inspection is to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Then, return it to you as quickly as possible.

In general, an inspection takes between 1 and 2 hours. Some of the items the inspection checks include:

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Lights
  • Exhaust
  • Safety belts
  • Other crucial components

Once your vehicle inspection is complete, the mechanic issues you a report stating whether or not your vehicle passed. Any required repairs will also be noted in that report, which is transmitted electronically to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

If your vehicle needs repairs before it can pass an inspection, you either can have those repairs taken care of on-site or take it to a mechanic of your choice.

In cases where you’re going to have the vehicle re-inspected within 30 days of the initial inspection and you’ve driven it fewer than 1,000 miles in that time, the second inspection only needs to include the defective parts noted in your original inspection report.

How Much Do Maryland Vehicle Inspections Cost?

There is no set cost for a vehicle inspection, so the price you pay will be determined by where you take your car to be inspected.

Maryland Vehicle Inspections at Stup’s Auto in Frederick, MD

If you’ve just bought a used car or moved to Maryland, let the team at Stup’s Auto handle your state inspection so you can get it registered quickly. And, if we find any defects, we can handle fixing them in-house, so you won’t have to find somewhere else to go. Schedule your appointment today!

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