Winter can be a particularly tough time of the year on vehicles. While road salt makes driving conditions safer during the season of snow, it can also wreak havoc on cars. The paint job is especially vulnerable to the chemical erosion caused by road salt. It destroys the protective layering of the paint and allows moisture to enter the metal structure beneath, causing rust over time.

Follow these steps to protect your car’s paint from road salt this winter!

Repair Imperfections ASAP

One imperative step to protecting your car’s exterior is to repair chips, dents, and scratches as soon as possible.

This is because imperfections in the paint job create little spaces for the road salt to get stuck beneath the outer layer. The longer the salt stays in contact with the paint or metal of the vehicle, the more erosion occurs.

Making sure your paint layer is in good, solid condition increases its longevity. A mechanic can also help you buff out any imperfections.

how to protect your cars paint from road salt

Wash & Wax

While you drive, it is common for the salt to clump up behind your wheels and stain the sides of your vehicle. 

As mentioned above, longer exposure times can increase the damage caused by road salt. So, when you notice this salt build-up on the exterior of your car, take it in for a wash.

Don’t skip out on the wax, either. This is an important step to securing the protective layer of your paint, as it temporarily locks out road salt. 

Paint Protection

Some of the ways to protect your car can be done in the convenience of your own garage. However, for long-lasting, professional paint protection, you might want to enlist the help of the professionals. 

A coating of paint protection can be acquired from a mechanic or detailing shop. 

It might be a considerable expense upfront, but it will save your money down the line from potential damage caused by road salt. Plus, it will last longer and be more effective than store-bought, DIY products. 

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