Hail Damage Repair

Depending on where you live, hail damage might be a serious concern for the well-being of your vehicle, and the price of repair is also frightening! Hail occurs when it’s too cold for rain, but not cold enough for snow. Water droplets freeze and collect mass as they travel through clouds.

When the ice clumps are heavy enough, they will fall from the sky, sometimes pieces as large as grapefruit. You might have just one major dent from hail, or, after a severe storm, you might discover your car is covered in many tiny dents. 

Besides parking your car under the cover of a garage, there is little you can do to prevent hail damage. When it does occur, however, you need a body shop that you can trust. You need Stup’s Auto Center!

We provide the best hail damage repair services in all of Frederick, Maryland, and beyond. 

hail damage repair in Frederick Maryland

We offer fast and reliable services without overcharging you on stuff you don’t need. Working with your insurance company, we complete your repairs for as little cost to you as possible.

Our team of experienced mechanics can fix the unsightly damage and get your vehicle back on the road, fast. Call now to learn more!

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