Body Shop vs. Dealership: Which to Choose?

After a car accident, it can be difficult to figure out where you want to have the repair work done. Do you choose a dedicated auto body shop, or do you take your car in to a dealership?

There are pros and cons to both options. Choosing between them is a matter of deciding what’s best for you and your vehicle.

Pros of Choosing a Dealership

Dealerships often have a bad reputation due to pushy sales tactics and salesmen you just can’t seem to get rid of. However, the service departments of your local dealerships are often far better than you think.

Many dealerships work largely with the same makes and models sold on their lots, meaning their technicians are more likely to specialize in your specific vehicle. This is especially beneficial if you own an import or high-end vehicle. It can also be great for helping them pinpoint problems other techs may overlook.

Additionally, if you have an active vehicle warranty, your dealership may offer repairs covered under this agreement, saving you money.

Cons of Choosing a Dealership

Dealerships are heavily in the numbers game, so the more vehicles they can push through their service centers in a day, the better.

This can mean your repairs may not be as high-quality as you’d like. The techs may choose to cut corners and work to save time. This desire to save time, paired with the fact that many dealerships pay commissions, could mean that your dealership’s service center may turn down some of your necessary repairs if they won’t be worth their time.

You also are likely to pay a much higher hourly rate for work at your local dealership. That means your repairs will cost you more – especially if they’re extensive.

Pros of Choosing an Auto Body Shop

When choosing to work with an auto body shop, you’re able to shop your repairs around and find the best deal. A dealership may turn you down based on your car’s make or model. On the other hand, auto body shops often work with a variety of makes and models.

If you’re not satisfied with the quote from one shop, you can take your car elsewhere and get a new quote.

Because the hourly rates for labor at an auto body shop are lower than at a dealership, it’s often cheaper to get your repair work done there. Additionally, the technicians at a body shop are paid hourly and not on commission. This means you don’t have as much worry that someone will try to sell you a service you don’t need. Or try to talk you into buying a totally new car!

Cons of Choosing an Auto Body Shop

If you own a specialty or high-end car, it may not be the most prudent move to take your car to just any body shop. 

Additionally, it may be more difficult – and more expensive – for body shops to get certified parts for your car. This could mean your warranty is voided (if you use a non-certified part) or a much more expensive repair (if you have the body shop go out of their way for a certified part).

Auto Body Repairs at Stup’s Auto in Frederick, MD

If you’ve got a car that needs repairs as the result of an accident or other damage, trust the team at Stup’s Auto Center to make it right. We’ve got years of experience working with a wide range of makes and models. Additionally, we’re sure to get your auto body repairs done quickly, correctly, and at the lowest price. Call today for a quote!

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