The frame is the main structural support of the car, underneath the cosmetic exterior and holding most of the parts. 

Many people believe that if their vehicle sustains damage to the frame, that means it is totalled. But this is not true. In the hands of experienced mechanics, most frame damage is repairable. 

Typically, frame damage is caused by a collision. The results could be near devastating, or so minor you can’t even see it. If the car is still drivable, you may notice misalignment when you steer or difficulty controlling the vehicle. 

How Frame Damage Is Identified

Frame damage needs to be identified by a professional mechanic by measuring certain points of the chassis. This will identify even small areas of damage.

They also carefully inspect parts of the vehicle known as crumple zones. These are the parts of the frame that are specifically designed to absorb impact in case of an accident. This is done to protect the main carriage, where the passengers sit, from injury.  

If the causal accident was severe, it may cost more to repair than the car is actually worth. After an evaluation, the mechanic will advise you if the repairs are worth the price. 

How Frame Damage Is Repaired

The exact process of frame repair varies depending on the location and extent of the damage. 

In most cases, a large hydraulic machine is used. The mechanic strips down the vehicle to the necessary components. Then he bolts the frame to a platform on the machine, so that it is unmovable. Finally, he attaches specific parts of the frame to the machine using chains. 

Using special measuring technology, the chains are pulled by the machine until the frame is stretched to the correct position. The process is repeated until the frame is returned to its original shape. The mechanic then follows up with a tire alignment. 

Auto Frame Repair & Body Shop in Frederick, MD

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