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Car maintenance is about more than just the mechanical aspects of a vehicle. There is also the exterior to care for. Many owners do not know how to care for their car’s paint.

Damage to the paint of the car can make a cherished vehicle unsightly, and even lead to rust. Even worse, it can cost you a lot of time to buff out impurities or repaint the car. 

Avoid expensive damage before it begins by following these tips to care for your car’s paint

Wash It Regularly

Washing your vehicle regularly can help maintain the shine and color of the paint. Car lovers should aim to wash their car once a week. 

Be sure you are using the best materials for this job. Avoid household soaps such as dish soap or laundry detergent, as the grease-busting formula can cause damage to your car’s finish. Instead, use a solution designed specifically for cars. 

You will also need a microfiber cloth towel, soft-bristled brush, and an outdoor water hose.

Be Careful of Automated Washes

Washing your car by hand is the ideal method, because you can use your vision to target particularly dirty areas and only use as much pressure as needed. 

However, if you must bring your car to an automated wash, be sure to find one in good condition. Dirty and heavily worn car washes can cause more damage to your car than they help. 

how to care for your car's paint

Don’t Skip the Drying or Wax

Washing the car is a great start, but if you skip the drying or wax step, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Drying the car completely is necessary to avoid wet marks on the enamel layer. 

Waxing the vehicle is also imperative to the longevity of your car’s paint, though it only needs to be completed every 3 months or so. The wax layer seals in the paint and provides a protective layer between your vehicle and the elements. 

Remove Any Bug, Plant, or Animal Matter Immediately 

Any gunk that falls on your car should be removed immediately. This includes bird poop, dead insects, or sap from nearby trees. 

Plant and animal matter such as these examples tend to be very acidic. If they are left on your vehicle for too long, they can corrode away the paint layer. 

Keep It in the Garage

No matter how often you wash your car, a plethora of factors can damage the paint layer. Bugs, pests, sunlight, rain, hail, neighborhood kids — you name it. 

All of these external threats can be avoided by keeping your car in the safety of your garage. In fact, keeping a car in the garage can nearly double the longevity of the paint later. 

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