Wiper Repair and Replacement Services in Frederick, MD

Windshield wipers are a car’s first defense against unpredictable weather. 

Driving with broken or dysfunctional wipers can seriously limit your ability to see through rain and snow. Without clear visibility, your safety is at risk.

Stup’s Auto Center is the prime choice for drivers in Frederick County, Maryland, for wiper repair and replacement services. 

Whether your wipers are too slow, too loud, or simply not moving at all, we diagnose the problem and fix it without upselling you on unnecessary maintenance.

When repairing a wiper assembly, we check several things:

  • The power supply to the wiper motor
  • The transmission assembly, which connects the motor to the wiper arms
  • The internal switch, which parks the wipers in the down position after they are turned off

If the issue is repairable, we carefully disassemble the wiper motor and make the necessary repairs. If not, we quickly and expertly replace the motor for a reasonable price. 

Our skilled mechanics fix your wipers and get you back on the road, rain or shine! Call today to schedule an appointment!

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