Fluid Check & Maintenance Services in Frederick, MD

Your car relies on a lot of moving parts and components to keep it running. Some of these important pieces of your car’s inner workings are the fluids that help its integral systems run smoothly.

If you don’t check that the various fluids your vehicle relies on are clean and in proper proportions, it could spell disaster for your ability to get where you need to go.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your vehicle’s vital fluids checked and replaced – Schedule your appointment at Stup’s Auto today!

Types of Fluid Checks & Changes

At Stup’s Auto, we want to make sure that your vehicle is running well and can get you from Point A to Point B safely. To do that, we can make sure that all your vehicle’s crucial fluids are clean and topped up and, if they aren’t, we change them out so you don’t damage your vehicle.

Here are some of the fluid checks and changes our skilled team of technicians can perform:

Brake Fluid

Your car’s brake fluid lubricates your braking system, preventing corrosion and damage and helping you make safe stops.

By flushing the brake fluid from time to time, you’ll increase the lifespan of your braking system components and provide even braking to prevent undue wear and tear.

Our technicians inspect and record your brake fluid level, master cylinder, and brake lines. They then drain and refill the master cylinder, bleed the braking system, and test drive.

Differential Fluid

The differential transmits power from your vehicle’s driveshaft to the front or rear axles and must be properly lubricated for optimal performance.

Differential fluid service increases the rear differential component life and maintains proper lubrication, keeping your vehicle in proper working order.

Your car’s differential is visually inspected for signs of leakage and the fluid level is checked. Then, the technicians perform differential fluid service, adjust the differential fluid levels, and test drive.

Power Steering Fluid

Your vehicle’s power steering fluid provides hydraulic power to your steering system and, over time, this fluid becomes contaminated with rubber and metal particles.

By performing a power steering fluid flush, you will see longer life in your power steering components and smoother, quieter steering.

A technician inspects and records your power steering fluid levels and checks for any leaks. They then drain and refill the power steering reservoir, perform the flushing process, and adjust the fluid to the proper levels.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid transmits power, lubricates, prevents corrosion, and removes heat from your vehicle’s transmission.

A transmission fluid exchange removes and replaces nearly all of your car’s transmission fluid. This process gives your transmission a longer life and smoother operation.

Our technicians test drive your vehicle, check the transmission fluid level, and inspect the transmission fluid pan for leaks. Once your transmission fluid type and quantity is recorded, they perform the transmission fluid exchange and adjust the fluid to the proper levels before test driving your vehicle.

Experienced Fluid Check & Service in Frederick, MD

If your vehicle needs one – or more – of its fluids checked and service, trust the experienced team at Stup’s Auto to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. Schedule your appointment today!

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