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It isn’t hard to tell when something’s wrong with your car’s muffler. Suddenly, your car seems much louder than it did before. Rather than putting up with an annoying noise when you drive, take your muffler to be serviced at Stup’s Auto shop near Urbana, Maryland. Schedule your appointment today!

How Often Should I Service My Car’s Exhaust System?

How often your car’s exhaust system needs service depends on how old it is and how much mileage it has.

Cars with higher mileage or that are more than 8 years old will require more frequent maintenance or repairs than newer or lower-mileage cars. At a minimum, we recommend checking your car’s exhaust system once a year, when you take your car in for its annual tune-up.

How a New Exhaust System Can Help Your Car

If you want to improve the performance and eco-friendliness of your car, you may want a high-performance exhaust system.

By replacing your older exhaust system with a newer, high-performance one, your car can more efficiently and effectively release engine gases. This will send more power to your engine, allowing it to perform better while using less energy and decreasing your car’s overall emissions.

Quality Muffler Shop near Urbana, MD

Whether you’re looking for a whole new exhaust system or you just need routine maintenance, Stup’s Auto Center can help. Our team of experienced mechanics has the skill and knowledge you need, at a price you can afford. Schedule your appointment today!

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